Materials used by folk artists

With the modernization and advancement of age, modern techniques of painting even traditional art forms have now crept in. Yet, the idea that plastic and synthetic colors are being used by the folk artists of Odisha still remains strange. In a art form so stoic and rigid, so rooted in its tradition, that every article and ornament keeps its shape, location, connotation, and significance, that every animal has been depicted with the same old and familiar stylized features, that every personality holds its absolute marks of identification defined by the ancient texts, religious myths and local tradition, it is indeed revolutionary and meaning-changing to experience modernity in patta painting.

Orissa’s is a world of myths and gods, entrenched deeply in folk imagination that is naught but the manifestation of thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the many Indian peasants, fishermen, and craftsmen. Thus, the paintings of the state speak the same language of their creators who decant their lives into their exacting art. The performances displayed by the painters are the inscriptions on canvas, of an incomparable artistic dexterity. The matchless craftsmanship, exemplified by the folk-painters has both an individual slot of its own yet many facets such as of a prism’s, which carve themselves out of the unfathomable depths of the sensibility.

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