Silk Painting: The ever-green chineese art.

In silk painting, paints or dyes are directly applied on silk fabric using an exciting array of watercolors technique. These colors are translucent, bright, vibrant, and combines with the silk fabric.

The silk painting originated from China around 2000 years ago. It was known as “Bo painting,” which refers to an image on white silk which is used as a surface. Silk works as an ideal canvas for paints as of other mediums like stone, bamboo, and wood at that time. However, it was easy to resize and carry silk as a canvas.

It was a complicated art form as colors used to bleed and spread when applied to silk. Therefore, the artist has to create boundaries first to resist this situation.

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How to produce texture effect in silk Painting?

Sprinkling silk salt on wet silk and leave it to dry completely before brushing off the salt creates an interesting texture effect.

How to use alcohol in silk painting?

Applying alcohol to dye-painted silk can produce amazing effects.

What is the Serti technique in silk painting?

The Fence technique, often known as the Serti technique. In this technique, designs are outlined with any water-based resists on pre-washed and stretched silk.

How to wash silk for painting?

Wash your silk with your hands with warm water and then use an iron set when it’s slightly damp.

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