Utkala : History and Its Significance

In Sanskrit language, Utkala means the land indulge of artists and art.

Utkala – The land of artists

Utkala, Odisha’s ancient name, literally translates to the Land of Rich Art. The land is blessed with a rich heritage of art forms that are fascinating in its abundance and have a rich legacy that harks back hundreds of years. Almost every place is a haven of myriad creative ways where every motif and fabric is different and tells a different story through the vistas of time. They are of immense cultural value to the local communities or ethnic groups that have practiced the crafts for centuries and are representatives of their existence and tradition.

Utkal Divas- The day of celebration

Utkal Divas is celebrated in April every year and also known as Odisha day and Utkala Dibasa.

Odisha day is also called Orissa foundation day and Vishuva Milan. The day is celebrated in memory of all struggles that have been made to make Odisha a separate state from Bihar and Bengal.

Pattachitra : The unbroken Living Tradition of Utkala (Odisha)

As we know, Utkala (Odisha) has many art forms, and one such exquisite craft is Pattachitra. The historically enriched canvas symbolized by its vivid detailing and colorful depictions provides many inspirations for revisiting the old traditions and understanding Odisha’s past through a crafts-based narrative. Pattachitra provides a link to our roots and is a part of our shared heritage.

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