We can customize as per your wish

Your ideas, our exquisite art!

Add classy pattachitra designs in myriad ways

Here, at, we take requests for custom products from our collection. Please note that bespoke custom products depend on the artistic do-ability and viability.

Bespoke Handmade

While we can recreate products to enhanced specifications, like making display masks as wearable and made to enhanced dimensions, hand-painting of wall art and murals, handcraft wedding cards etc, these would be done after considering cost, feasibility and consultations with our artists.  

Digital Design and Print

 If you wish showcase a bit of pattachitra’s artistic brilliance in your branded merchandise or stationary, we can apply stylish fonts, icons, and imagery from a vast library of the Pattachitra art, design, digitally print and ship it to you. You can even pick few of the styles from our library for your merchandise like custom t-shirts, carry bags, hoodies, and more. If you need unique and personalized hats, tees or hoodies with Pattachitra graphics or stylized text, we have you covered. We have over 25 products to match your needs well.


Gift a Bespoke Patta Gift

Be it custom handmade or printed patta products; we help you find the one you exactly need. Our clothing design includes stunning graphics, logos, quotes, slogans, and text of your choice. You can even add our artwork to the design. Custom clothes are memorable gifting options too. They let the recipients know that you have put your thought into it. Gift them on occasions like farewells, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and graduation day; and witness your recipient’s surprised smile.

Our products are great conversation starters!