The actual product may vary in colour, texture and brightness from its digital image reproduced here.

Shipping Price:

The shipping price is set on cost-to-cost basis. It also depends on the weight of the packaged item. The products being handmade and often very fragile need to be ensured safety. The natural fabrics, tissues, and colours must be preserved even post the survival of the journey. Thus, the products are packaged well and sent via very reliable Speed Post service. The various parameters related to the order, such as the time remaining for delivery, product’s location, and so on, can be tracked online after the product has been dispatched.


In some cases, it may be possible, it the shipping cost is paid as per actuals to ship the product using reputed couriers like DHL/BlueDart.

Shipping Discount:

A purchase would be contended for a shipping discount only if made directly from www.pattachitra.net. If multiple purchases are made on the website, then the shipping charge may reduce, also depending on the weight of the final package.

Value Addition:

Gift orders of all types- custom, bulk, and corporate, are taken. We do want to share the artistic joy and excellence offered through our products.


Refunds are offered in the following cases:

  • A complete refund is offered if the transaction did not complete, as per Paypal.
  • A partial refund is offered if despite the thorough packaging, the product reached the concerned person in a ‘damaged beyond use’ condition.
No refund is provided if the address or addressee listed in the order is changed later and then the concerned person does not receive the product(s).

Paintings without Frame:

Most paintings are not framed because of these three reasons:

  • The frame of the concerned person to receive the painting, may choose the preferred frame as per own choice of aesthetics.
  • Frameless paintings are easier to ship.
  • Frames add to the weight of the final packaged good. Hence, frameless paintings contribute to more economical shipping.
  • Paintings: The paintings employ organic, natural colors, fibers, and canvas. The paintings, since delicate, require caution and care. It’s necessary that the recipient of the product gets the painting framed as soon as possible. A glass frame with wooden borders is the best choice of frame. It’s advised to avoid metal and plastic frames, unless of guaranteed non-reactive quality.
  • Display Pieces and Hangings: The display pieces, gifts, hangings & collectibles must be cleaned with very soft cotton cloth. It is advisable to refrain from the use water or any cleaner on them.
  • Cane/Bamboo Products: These types of products require be cleaned with very soft cotton cloth. It is advisable to cover cane or bamboo products with a coat of varnish as it will contribute to the durability of the products. Refrain from the use of water or any cleaner on these products.
  • Jewelry: The jewelry pieces must be kept away from cosmetic items, deodorant, perfume, or any such chemical. When not in use, it is advisable to keep the piece in dust-free and moisture-free environment. Keep the jewelry piece(s) safely in case(s).
  • Clothing: To clean clothing items, dry cleaning is suggested unless otherwise specified. It is recommended that mild detergents like Ezee be used for washing at home. Dry in shade and iron only if specified. While ironing, it’s advisable to place a layer of cotton cloth over the concerned clothing to avoid the harsh impact of heat on the fine fiber of the clothing item.