Our Products:

Each and every product that we sell carries a legacy that you bring to our home with purchase. The traditional artists who make the paintings that we sell, follow an organic and traditional route by using only environment friendly material, such as paper, wood, stone, cloth, leaves, clay, and so forth, and 100% organic dyes and adhesives. The process that goes into the creation of the refined paintings, tried and tested by artisans for hundreds of years, lends the final creations an easy and tasteful grace. Each traditional art form is wholly handmade, and takes about five to seven days, sometimes more, to be completed.

Types of Paintings

Patta painting, being an age old art, has seen years of devotees and artists who all have interpreted the art with their own mind and hands. The inputs over all the years have diversified the art of patta painting, which can be classified into the following kinds:

  • Sri Jagannath Pati
  • Patta-chitra based on the different episodes of Ramayana and Mahabharata
  • Bhagavat Gita, and other Puranas and Kavyas
  • Pattachitra based on Odisha folklore
  • Pattachitra basedon the ritual art of the Bratas, and odes on the worship of gods and goddesses of Odisha
  • Pattachitra based on animals and birds.
  • Erotic Pattachitras
  • Other Indian traditional paintings

  • Madhubani paintings: The art of these paintings belongs to Bihar’s Madhubani district. These paintings are rich and vibrant, and the subjects of depiction are usually flora, fauna, gods and goddesses, and patterns.
  • Tanjore paintings: As the name suggests, these paintings belong to Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. Very traditional style is used to create Tanjore paintings which typically portray mythological scenes and characters.
  • Other artifacts

    We may also, from time to time, offer you small artifacts, bric-a-brac, carved sculptures, handicraft items and clothings that carry a similar legacy of elegant craftsmanship and delicate finish. Watch this site for more!